Executive Director
Transition Announcement

Anuncio de Transición de la Directora Ejecutiva

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Unity In Action's Statement

Unity in Action announces the transition of our Executive Director, Olga Guevara. During her three- and half-year tenure as UIA Executive Director, Olga has successfully led a growing and robust network of key stakeholders and nonprofit partners in the Siouxland area, the state of Nebraska, and Iowa. Olga raised and diversified operational funding in ways never seen before, allowing for program growth and staff to expand into a larger building in 2021. We are delighted to see Olga take a path into a new venture; we wish her and her family well in all their future endeavors!

Statement from Olga Guevara

Head Shot 2020

Dear Partners and Colleagues, 


I'm writing to share that after an incredible three-and-a-half years with Unity in Action, I am transitioning out of the Executive Director position to begin a new family venture. I intend to work with the board of directors on an extended transition to remain connected to the community we have all developed together. These last few years have been remarkable, transformative, and purposeful; it's been an honor to have worked with so many outstanding community members and colleagues.


Your spirit of collaboration and commitment to creating more equitable communities is what made all these years such a wonderful experience. I want to thank all our local partners for supporting our work and being open to having difficult conversations. I want to thank all our funders who support and stand by our work in the most meaningful way. A special thanks to our extended networks throughout the state of Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota, for the countless zoom meetings and collaboration with Unity in Action on many projects.


I am very proud of the work accomplished during my tenure; I look forward to seeing Unity in Action enter its next phase of growth. I am excited to continue to be part of the support team that will be in place to ensure a seamless transition, and I look forward to welcoming the new ED. I take lots of memories and many learnings; my wish is to continue being engaged with our local community. I plan to stay in the Siouxland area, since this is the place where I grew up and where my family is. Thank you for all your support during the last few years; I hope to see you soon!


With Gusto,


Olga Guevara